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It took months of planning, but only two minutes to set the field for the show.  The 160’x90′ projection surface spread out by over one hundred volunteer crew looked amazing with the video animation produced by The Famous Group.  Quince Imaging was a great partner on the project and provided all projection and playback equipment and crew.     It took a lot of planing by a lot of talented people to pull off this show.  Here are the production credits:

Vikings Halftime Production Team:

Executive Producer – Michael Shann

Producer – Sara Shives

Creative Director – Mark Bergren
Technical Production Manager – Maury Jensen
Music Director (Purple Rain) – Tommy Barbarella
Lighting Design – Paul Guthrie
Production Stage Manager – Chris Code
Assistant Stage Mangers – Joseph Bingham, Kristy Haupt, Michele Hossle, Katie Kenfield
Script Supervisor – Shanan Custer
Pyro – Erv Haman (RES Specialty Pyrotechnics)
Falling Stars by New Substance – Patrick O’Mahoney, Mungo Dennison, Stewart Fairhurst


Minnesota Orchestra –

Music Director – Osmo Vänskä
President & CEO – Kevin Smith
Orchestrations (Purple Rain) – Tommy Barbarella
General Manager – Beth Kellar-Long
Technical Director – Joel Mooney
Recording & Mixing Producer – Steve Barnett
Recording & Mixing Engineer – Preston Smith

The Steeles – J.D., Billy, Fred, Jearlyn, Jevetta

Band – Tommy Barbarella, Kirk Johnson, Homer Odell, Sonny Thompson

The Famous Group:

Executive Producer – Andrew Issacson
Producer – Brian Grigsby
Art Director – Jesse Austin, Lauren Fisher
Creative Director – Hemu Karadkar

Design – Jose Guardado, John Lin, Luis Gonzalez, Ryan Levitus
Animation –William Salas, Luis Gonzalez, Raymond Castillo, Skye Estes, Ryan Levitus, Mike Cahill, Damien Nemire-Pepe, Harumi Shibano
Editing – Parker Wilson, Steve Davis

Managing Director – David Kwan
CEO – Greg Harvey

Quince Imaging:

Projection Designer – CJ Davis
Media Server Operator – Eric Gazzilo
Projectionist – Anthony Magdon, Pablo de negri, Rob Simmer

Minnesota Vikings:

Bryan Harper – Vice President of Content and Production
Greg Bostrom – Director of Entertainment
Darius Smith – Game Entertainment